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Sound News Talking Newspaper

Every Thursday evening, using Open University premises, Sound News is produced by a team of volunteers who record digitally all the major items from the local papers onto a computer. Once the recording is finished, the team starts the fast copying onto memory sticks. After copying, the memory sticks are checked, placed in yellow plastic wallets and then collected from the Open University post room by Royal Mail the following day, with Sound News set to hit around 200 doormats with the post on Saturday morning. The digital version is also made available on the British Wireless for Blind Fund website.
There is no cost for the service and we can provide listeners with a free memory stick player and offer advice on receiving Sound News via the internet. A member of the team contacts new listeners to explain how the system works. There is strong listener representation on the organising committee, to ensure that the service is fully responsive to feedback.
After over thirty years, Sound News today is just as much the product of the listeners as of the volunteer teams.
Weekly local news
Free memory stick player
Free delivery and return

News for all
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